Hacking the DE-ICE pen-test labs disc 1.110 videos

16 03 2008

Hi everyone! Still no WEP crack vid due to me being way too busy to spend time reformatting my lappy and starting again so I’ve got a vid of me cracking the DE-ICE pen-test labs. They’re total and utter spoilers so if you’re trying to do them at the moment and you’re not completely stuck then you probably don’t want to be watching them. I do run through the whole thing really quickly so I’m thinking of making a transcript to go with it to make it easier to follow. I’ll keep you posted on part 2.

The music is all my own, original (kinda). If anybody would like to use it for anything please leave me a comment on this post. It’s called The Happy Taste and you should give attribution to the eloquently named group, Anal Bloodfart.

And yes, it was nearly 3am when I was making the vid. What can I say – I’ll sleep when I’m dead!
[blip.tv ?posts_id=753751&dest=-1]

To get a better res version just go here.




2 responses

25 03 2009

thanks for the video i am currently learning how to hack wireless lan and still new to linux i just want to say dude for the info !!!!

25 03 2009

Thanks for the comment, it’s much appreciated! You may not think it, but two years ago I hadn’t even HEARD of Linux, so keep on with it, it’s well worth all the messing about. For WEP/WPA cracking try out BackTrack 3. It’s got all the tools you’ll need on an easy to use LiveCD and there’s a forum dedicated to the programs’ use at Remote Exploit.


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