Disable Gnome-Panel on Ubuntu Karmic Koala

8 11 2009

Hey all. I’ve recently upgraded my home desktop to Ubuntu’s latest release, version 9.10 Karmic Koala. I’ve also spent some time messing with my desktop, and am now using AWN (Avant Window Navigator) as my main launcher/menu, so needed to stop Gnome Panel from starting on bootup.

This is done by running gconf-editor (either from a run dialog or from CLI), and navigating to Desktop –> Gnome –> Session –> Required-Components. Now you will have three values in the panel on the right. Change the value of “Panel” from “gnome-panel” to “” (blank). Note that in order for this to work, you’ll need to have another panel application (e.g. AWN) running and in your startup programs folder.

Just a quick one. Took me bloody ages to find this out, so hope this has made things easier for some of you!





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16 11 2009

Holy grandma on a stick I love you so much thx 🙂

16 11 2009

Glad to have helped out, dude! I have to remember that line!!!

6 12 2009

Thanks man, you’re a life savor. In my case though, instead of making the value (blank), I made is avant-window-manager and make sure that AWN’s “autostart” feature was disabled.

10 12 2009

Ah ok, always nice to know of another way of doing it 🙂 Cheers dude!


18 01 2010

Thanks for pointing that one out… I’ve been pulling my hair out for a while on that. I’m still used to “gnome-session-remove” and the likes. Certainly took long enough to get that one down. And to imagine, you’re pagerank isnt even up there yet. Thats kind of a shame.

18 02 2010

Thanks for the kind words, fella. It’ll improve in time, no doubt 🙂 There are certain searches which my site seems to come up fairly high up on. My Slackware Bootsplash Howto seems to be quite well recognised (I’d imagine because it’s the only one which ACTUALLY works on the entire of the Internet, as far as I can see!). The number of unique hits my page is getting per day is slowly increasing the more I post too, so I’m sure I’ll get there! Glad to have helped!


12 03 2010

can you get gnome panel back if you wanted to change back from awn to gnome panel

13 03 2010

Absolutely. Just reverse this process, and that should be you sorted. I haven’t tested this, but if all else fails, just uninstall AWN after changing the Panel setting and it should default back to gnome-panel.


13 03 2010

thanks an one more question you know when you can add software to desktop on gnome panel. can you do that on awn panel or is it not possible

28 07 2010

Hi Eddy,

Many apologies for the massively late reply! Didn’t realise you’d commented back! Currently, it’s not possible. Personally, I don’t use that function, as I like to keep my desktop for mounted volumes only. You may want to look into one of the other dock programs. I can’t tell you if any of them do contain that function, but it’s certainly worth a look…


7 03 2011

“Note that in order for this to work, you’ll need to have another panel application (e.g. AWN) running and in your startup programs folder.”

I wish I would have found this post hours ago. No other site told me this.

14 03 2011

No problem, mate! Glad my article helped!

20 05 2011

You’re my new hero!

23 05 2011

Haha, watch out, you’ll make me feel important 🙂

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