KDE & Firefox – Open Containing Folder?

26 11 2009

Hi all…

After having Slackware installed on my servers for a while, it began to get really annoying that I couldn’t open the containing folder of any downloads I’d done, and had to manually navigate with Konqueror, which can be quite time consuming with a complex directory structure. As with anything which doesn’t feel quite right with Linux… There’s a fix!

First of all make a script called something along the lines of “kfmexec.sh” in /usr/local/bin. Into it, type the following…

/usr/bin/kfmclient exec $1
exit 0

Now go into Firefox’s about:config. If you don’t know what this is, I advise you to read up on it before going hacking around with it, as you could really badly break things by changing the wrong values.

You will need to add the following values of the stated type, with their values as shown:

network.protocol-handler.expose.file (boolean) true
network.protocol-handler.external.file (boolean) true
network.protocol-handler.app.file (string) /usr/local/bin/kfmexec.sh

Restart Firefox, and now when you press “Open Containing Folder” or try to open any item from the Downloads window, Firefox will pop up a little window which will ask you which program you want to use and whether this should be the default action.

Hope this saves you guys as much time as it’s saved me!





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