Resizing a VirtualBox HDD

28 04 2009

Today I came up with a problem involving a VirtualBox VM which had run out of space. “Damn” I thought, as I read so many postings by so many nay-sayers telling me that it “Just Can’t Be Done”.

C’mon guys… There’s almost no such thing as can’t with the plethora of useful gadgetry that the world of FOSS has brought us.

A slightly more extensive search turned up this site. Exactly what I was looking for.

What I’m interested in finding out is if this will work on a real HDD… This could fix all of my pain-in-my-ass HDD upgrade problems if I can just clone a disk into a larger partition! Infinitely expandable storage!

I’ll post here when I get a chance to try it.


UPDATE 08/05/09

Nick Heppleston, the author of the original article, has confirmed that using this method to clone data from a smaller partition to a larger partition on either the same disk or a separate disk works! This is going to make my Windows administration a lot easier, that’s for certain.

Thanks Nick!