Madwifi-ng and injection on Slackware 12.0

19 03 2008

Hi guys. Thought I’d pass on some info on getting the Madwifi-ng drivers working with my Atheros 5212 internal wireless card. When I installed them on a base setup (no mods made to Slack), I kept getting a weird error which I couldn’t find anybody else getting. This was that  for Managed mode it worked absolutely without fault, but when I used airmon-ng or wlanconfig to put my card into Monitor mode, it gave me a bunch of errors which said such things as no such device and other blatant lies. A bit more digging led me to it being a problem with udev. In the meantime, I had upgraded my kernel to, but when I recompiled the drivers against my new kernel, it still gave me the same whole bunch of errors. I then went and downloaded udev 118 from here and used upgradepkg to update it. After a quick reboot (not a fan of doing this but I was really tired!), I loaded up Kismet. Not a single error. I then ran airmon-ng start wifi0. No errors! Next – aireplay-ng –test -b $AP ath0. 30/30! 100%! Awesome and win.